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Bespoke Applications
Are you in need of a Software Solution that is aimed at your personal needs?  Do you need to extend existing infrastructure, integrate with existing systems, or even a greenfield solution then we can help.  We have many years’ experience in software development that can provide you with a bespoke solution base on your requirements.

If you require a specific solution or modification to an existing product then please contact with details of your requirements.  We will then provide you with details of the cost, support agreement and estimated delivery dates.
System Integration
Have you got isolated systems that should share content?  Are you finding that you need to streamline your business and reduce your systems to save costs?  Are you expected to integrate systems so data can flow seamlessly between them.  You might need help integrating your systems to enhance your process workflow and reduce duplication of data, then we can help.

Please contact if you require System Integration Services with your details.
Consultancy and advice
Computer software systems can be daunting, and building new systems, enhancing existing or integrating with current systems can prove to be complex.   We provide many services that can help with this complex task.  We can provide consultancy on system architecture and designs, system integration, software development good practices, or requirement gathering.

Please contact if you require Consultancy Services with your details.
Cryptocurrency is new but can be daunting. Getting involved is existing but can be extremely complex.   If you require advise on how to create bitwallets, how to setup a bitcoin mining rig for small startups, or even a if you require a larger mining operation then we can help.  

Please contact if you require Cryptocurrency Services with your details.
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